Employers Healthcare Coalition

The Employers Healthcare Coalition (EHC) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization made up of member businesses which have a stake in the health and welfare of their employees. EHC is a “mixed-model” coalition, which means that our members represent purchasers, also known as employers, as well as providers of health care, such as hospitals, health plans, consultants and pharmaceutical companies.

No one employer can do it alone!

The EHC members companies, through the direction of our Board of Directors and Staff, bring a unified voice on healthcare quality and patient safety, health plan performance and wellness in the workplace. EHC members enjoy networking and education as well as a variety of ‘value-added’ and ‘value-based-purchasing’ member benefits.

EHC member businesses range in size from 2 to 2,500 employees and together they represent over 30,000 covered lives. EHC is a member of  ACHRM – the Association of Corporate Risk Management (www.achrm.org).  ACHRM is a unique employer community where you can collaborate with your peers, learn new methods and techniques to reduce your company’s health care costs and improve employee well-being and productivity.