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Coming Soon - Late Summer 2021


The Employers Healthcare Coalition is proud to announce the launch of our data analytics pilot project. We have partnered with myCatalyst on a two-year project designed to analyze the healthcare spend of five local employers. Rising healthcare cost is a shared concern amongst area employers. Cost transparency centered around clean data could help area employers more effectively examine their cost, helping them to make more informed decisions moving forward.

The project will provide aggregate and individual healthcare cost information for the 5 employer groups, covering approximately 2500 area employees. The purpose of the project is to help us to identify inefficiencies and trends in healthcare spend so that educated decisions can be made on how to contain healthcare costs as local companies look to the future.

We are optimistic that this project will be just the beginning. With an impressive platform and a track record for bringing clean, robust, objective data to employers – we are excited to partner with myCatalyst for the future. This means discounted rates on all myCatalyst solutions for all EHC employer members. Please reach out to us at 217-221-3460 for more information.